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The Association for People with Spina bifida Rhine- Main-Nahe ,abbr. ARQUE, has represented the interests of people with congenital disorders of the spinal cord (Spina bifida) and disorders of the cerebro-spinal fluid system (hydrocephalus) since 1979.

ARQUE is a partner of the German Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. It ist member of local and regional networks in Hessen and Rhineland-Palatine. ARQUE is a charitable self-help group. Donations to ARQUE are tax-deductible.


ARQUE aims to support people with spina bifida on their way to independent living. We offer help in dealing with problems arising from the disability.
As an organisation for parents, we support parents-to-be and families with newborn babies by offering guidance and help.


ARQUE is a partner for all sufferers, parents, families, professionals and interested parties. The advice is free of charge and not dependant on membership of the organisation.

We offer:

For children, teenagers and adults

  • Weekend breaks with independence training and specific themes
  • Summer holidays
  • Training in catheter use
  • Wheelchair sport, swimming, integrated sport activities
  • Individual care during hospital stays
  • Discussion groups

For families

  • Parent training
  • Professional lectures on specific themes
  • Regular seminars at different stages of childhood
  • Pre- and postnatal advice and support
  • Respite care

For healthcare professionals

  • Presentations and lectures on specific themes
  • Training seminars
  • Training of carers for the organised holidays
  • Information exchange with healthcare professionals


An instruction guide for people with spina bifida, parents, doctors and healthcare professionals has been produced. It explains the complexity of the disability, its effects and ways of dealing with them. The handbook is produced as a CD-Rom with updates available on the Internet.

Contact information

Our office is located at:
KINZ Mainz
Hartmühlenweg 2-4
55122 Mainz / Germany

Phone: +49-6131-32 06 32
Fax: +49-6131-570 23 46

Bank information:

Sparda-Bank Südwest
IBAN: IBAN DE33 5509 0500 0400 9559 90

Donations to ARQUE are tax-deductible.